Rain Barrel Suppliers 

The Irrigatia solar automatic watering system works hand in hand with non-pressurized water sources. The most effective source is a rain barrel. Rain water harvesting is being encouraged by most municipalities as a method of reducing drinking water consumption for the purpose of watering gardens, plant pots etc. and to reduce pollution from untreated storm-water runoff.

We are compiling a list of Rain Barrel suppliers in Canada for your convenience. This is not a comprehensive list. 

If you know of other suppliers or programs not listed on our site, please drop us an email with the community, program and contact information and we'll get it added to the list.


Canadian Suppliers (alphabetical)

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  Canadian Tire (Canada Wide)


Costco (Canada Wide)


Gutter Doc (Vancouver)


Home Depot (Canada Wide)


Lee Valley Tools (Canada Wide)


Lowes (Canada Wide)


Presidents Choice (Canada Wide)


RIN Enterprises  (Brampton)

Used barrels for do it yourself rain harvesting


Rona (Canada Wide)


Sears  (Canada Wide)




Municipal and Non-Profit Rain Barrel Programs

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Caledon (ON)



Calgary (AB)

Green Calgary


Halton (ON)


 Peel (ON)



(Non-profit, groups/schools etc. in 62 locations in Ontario)

Check the Rain Barrels.ca website for dates


Richmond (BC)



(Non-profit -Toronto)


Vancouver (BC)