Solar Automatic Watering System

Regular irrigation and feeding is the best way to achieve great results whether your plants are in containers, pots, hanging baskets, a vegetable plot, raised beds or in the greenhouse. Irrigatia garden irrigation kits are the easiest way to water automatically from your rain barrel. An Irrigatia kit will water every 3 hours and will apply more water when it is sunny and less when it's cloudy. It is also the ultimate plant sitter as it will not forget to water when you go away.

Irrigatia garden irrigation kits are available for a wide range of garden watering projects. They use solar power to pump water from a rain barrel or water tank, so no electrical hookup or house water hookup required. They are easy to install and once the set up is complete they will water automatically with minimal supervision. Automatically fertilize your plants at the same time they are being watered using the built-in fertilizer pumps on the Tank series controllers or via the intensive care ectension on the C series pumps.

Our garden irrigation kits are designed to apply harvested water accurately, directly where it is needed and slowly enough for it to soak in.


Vertical Growing

Vertical gardens, or green walls as they are sometimes known, are particularly useful to add decoration to walls, fences, and even garden sheds. They also increase the amount of plants material that can be grown in a small area. Plants are easy to access and maintain.

When combined with an Irrigatia watering kit, the main issue that used to be associated with vertical growing is overcome - Irrigatia systems can water up to 5m in height and drippers are attached to the top row of pots, allowing the water to filter down through the drainage holes into the pots below, and finally collected in the drainage trough for easy recycling.

Watering every 3 hours and for longer when sunny - the flowers, vegetables and herbs will thrive!