Parts - 4mm tube, fittings, pumps

Anti Siphon device

$ 6.95 CAD

Needs to be connected inline to the pump outlet when watering anything that is below the water source.

Non return Check Valve

$ 5.95 CAD

Check Valve - used to prevent water siphoning back down the tubing.


$ 1.95 CAD

Syringe - used to help clear blocked drippers and to restart the pump after winter storage.


$ 0.89 CAD

Drippers for use with Irrigatia Solar Automatic Watering systems.

New! Cleanable Dripper

$ 0.99 CAD

Irrigatia cleanable dripper.

T-piece - 4mm

$ 0.55 CAD

Used to connect Irrigatia 4mm tube together

Supporting stake for tube or seephose

$ 0.59 CAD

Supporting stake for tube or seephose - to hold in position in soil or in pots

4mm Tube Stopper

$ 0.59 CAD

A stopper that can be plugged into the Irrigatia 4mm tube to terminate a line.

Straight Through Connector

$ 0.95 CAD

Allows easy connect/disconnect of 4mm Irrigatia tubing

Straight Joiner - 4mm

$ 0.39 CAD

4mm straight joiner. Used to connect standard Irrigatia tubes and as a nipple to connect dripper or microporous hose extension kits to the 13mm tank series backbone tube

4mm Valve

$ 1.95 CAD

4mm valve for use with standard Irrigatia tube

Inlet Filter - 4mm

$ 6.99 CAD

Spare inlet filter for use with all Irrigatia Solar Automatic Watering systems.

SPV4 Replacement Diaphragm Pump

$ 27.95 CAD

Replacement pump for 2016 onward. Compatible with models SOL-C12, SOL-C24, SOL-C12L & SOL-C24L units.

Diaphragm Pump for SOL-K12 and SOL-K24 models

$ 26.95 CAD

Replacement Diaphragm Pump for SOL-K12 and SOL-K24 models

Inlet-Outlet connector C12/24

$ 6.95 CAD

Replacement Pump connector for use with SOL-C12 and SOL-C24 units. Replaces I/O connector for SPV2 pumps only. Not compatible with the SPV4 diaphragm pumps in SOL-C12L and SOL-C24L units.

Water level sensor

$ 16.99 CAD

Replacement water level sensor for SOL-C24

Water Level Sensor for L Series

$ 17.99 CAD

Water Level Sensor for the L series units.

5m extension cable for Sensplus Water Level Sensor

$ 8.95 CAD

5m extension cable for the Sensplus Water Level sensor. For situations where the controller is more than 5m from the water source.

Solar Panel

$ 32.95 CAD

Solar panel for SOL-C24 and C24L

Rear Case Panel

$ 12.95 CAD

Replacement rear case panel for SOL-C12 and SOL_C24 units

Replacement Batteries

$ 19.99 CAD

3 "AA" 1.2 V 1200 mAh Batteries for all Irrigatia pumps

Printed Circuit Board

$ 31.95 CAD

Main (PCB) Printed Circuit Board for the SOL-C12 and SOL-C24 controllers. Includes the exterior rotary switch.

PCB for L series

No Image Available

$ 31.99 CAD

Spare Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for C12L and C24L. PCB with electronic switch and LED display